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MAFa Facilitation Conference 2024
(6th Edition)

Empowering Teams
Navigating Change Together

14th & 15th May 2024
9am - 5pm
Connexion, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    1. Non-Refundable Policy:

      • All conference tickets are non-refundable. Once purchased, no refunds will be issued for any reason.
    2. Substitution Policy:

      • Ticket substitution is allowed; however, the substitute attendee must be from the same organization or company.
      • The request for substitution must be made in writing and sent to at least [7 days] before the conference date.
    3. Special Ticket Substitution:

      • For special tickets, such as members’ offers or partnership offers, substitutions are only permitted within the same membership or partnership category.
      • If substituting with a different membership level or partnership category, the attendee must pay the difference in ticket price.
    4. Membership Verification:

      • Attendees using special membership or partnership rate tickets may be required to present valid membership or partnership credentials at the conference registration desk for verification.
    5. Ticket Transferability:

      • Tickets are transferable within the same organization or company.
      • Transfer requests must be submitted in writing to at least [7 days] before the conference date.
    6. Cancellation by Organizer:

      • The organizing committee reserves the right to cancel or postpone the conference due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, registered attendees will be notified, and alternative arrangements will be made.
    7. Program Changes:

      • The organizing committee reserves the right to make changes to the conference program, including speakers, sessions, and schedule, without prior notice.
    8. Photography and Videography:

      • By attending the conference, attendees grant permission to the organizers to take photographs and videos that may be used for promotional purposes.
    9. Code of Conduct:

      • All attendees are expected to adhere to the conference’s code of conduct. Inappropriate behavior may result in removal from the event without a refund.
    10. Organizer’s Final Say:

      • The organizing committee reserves the right to interpret and enforce these terms and conditions. Decisions made by the organizing committee are final.