Malaysian Association of Facilitators

Malaysian Association of Facilitators (MAFa) founded in April 2010, is a Community of Practice and we have commitment to growing facilitation in Malaysia and making it accessible to communities, organizations, and individuals as a key way to nurture and support dialogue and healthy relationship in all areas of life. We also focus on building capacity for working Learning & Development HR practitioners as well as individual facilitators and civil society organizations.


MAFa works with other organizations to bring world class practices into the region and promote value facilitation practices that enable the facilitator to be impartial and neutral in their service to stakeholders.


The Malaysian Association of Facilitators (MAFa), is formed with the following objectives:

  1. Share experiences and skills of facilitation.
  2. Provide a knowledge portal for members who wish to enhance their skills in facilitation.
  3. Provide a space for members to network in Malaysia and internationally.
  4. Assist and prepare individuals who are interested in gaining certification as facilitators.
  5. Hold regular forums and seminars to encourage the growth of professional facilitation as a discipline in Malaysia.