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The Malaysian Association of Facilitators (MAFa) is focused on growing the understanding and practice of facilitation especially in the areas of facilitative training, and providing process facilitation in large and small groups.

MAFa, registered in April 2010, is the combined effort of practicing Malaysian facilitators some of whom are members of the International Associations of Facilitators, (, which is the foremost globally recognized organization for the promotion of professional facilitation practices and techniques.

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MAFa Objectives


Share experiences and skills of facilitation.


Provide a knowledge portal for members who wish to enhance their skills in facilitation.


Provide a space for members to network in Malaysia and internationally.


Assist and prepare individuals who are interested in gaining certification as facilitators.


Hold regular forums and seminars to encourage the growth of professional facilitation as a discipline in Malaysia.

Happy Stories

It help to upscale my facilitation skill from time to time.

Evelyn Jimenez


A very safe space to share and relearn learn and continue learn.

Debra Peters


Meet so many good facilitator and collaborate some of the project together. 

Mark Martinez


Be a great Change Agent or just enjoy learning Facilitation

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