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– DAY 1: Graphics Recording
– DAY 2: Graphics Recording


Graphic Recording (GR) is a tool to capture knowledge using the power of graphics & visuals. GR is suitable as a substitute for the repertoire in conferences and seminars. GR can be used as conference collateral, review strategy and also a touch point after the conference for the organizer with the participants.

Yasmin Ahmad,neOOne Associates

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– Video 1: Facilitating Community Building using Graphics
– Video 2: Facilitating Community Building using Graphics

Tze Yasmin is co-founder and Managing Director of neOOne Associates Sdn. Bhd. She has been involved in learning and development since 2005 as a trainer, facilitator and learning and development (L&D) practitioner. She is a great visualizer specializing in designing engagement and learning processes. She is well known in Malaysia for championing Accelerated Learning methodology, Graphic Facilitation and Story Practice. She has personally designed and facilitated more than 400 sessions on L&D for different level of employees in both multinational companies and government agencies. She holds a Master of Science, Technopreneurship and Innovation from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


Graphic facilitation is the use of large scale imagery to lead groups and individuals towards a goal. The method is used in various processes such as meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. The use of graphics supports group learning, lasting memory in the group as well as allowing others to see what someone else means. Graphic Facilitators combine the skills of a graphic recorder and a process facilitator to visually represent oral information by the group. 

Ramli Atan,PETRONAS Leadership Centre

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– MAFA Conference Slides

Ramli Atan is currently a Learning Specialist in the area of Leadership Development at PETRONAS Leadership Centre (PLC) which is the Corporate University for PETRONAS, the National Oil and Gas Corporation of Malaysia. Ramli has over 25 years of experience in the field of Learning and Development. His specialties in facilitation and consultancy include Leadership Team Alignment, Quality Mark, Capability Development, Competency Modelling, Competency Assessment, Internal Consulting Skills, Coaching, Performance Management System, Training of Trainers, as well as Communication and Presentation Skills. Apart from the PETRONAS Group of Companies, he has undertaken facilitation and consultancy projects with various companies overseas.


Today’s disrupting business environment often results in leadership teams having to lead transformation and change in a more regular basis. How does one facilitate these teams to lead the change they want to see happen in a more focused and effective manner? This presentation will outline the process of designing a solution to facilitate leadership teams to shape transformation and change, leveraging on the Direction-Alignment-Commitment (DAC) framework using case examples of leadership team alignment in PETRONAS.

Laurence Yap Tung Siong, Berjaya Corporation Berhad

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– Video 1: Mental Rehearsal Practice to Enhance Event and Project Management

Laurence Yap is an award-winning and accomplished HR and OD leader with 20 years of corporate experience. He is a Certified HR Manager under the Malaysian Institute of HR Management. He has demonstrated successful track record as a change agent, process advocate and strategic business partners in multinational corporations and manufacturing settings. He has had significant experience partnering and influencing business partners for Asia Pacific region. Principal strengths in employee relations, performance management, coaching, recruitment, facilitation, organizational development, and training. Laurence is on the conference circuit presenting at international and regional HR Conferences.


Facilitate the event management. It empowers the facilitators to lead the event with confidence. The leaders need to facilitate the goals setting, ascertain the roles and jobs of the team member, use event flow chart and job function list to define the work of the team, and facilitate the event flow and set the rules to improve work flow.

Mohd Yazid Awaluddin Director, NOSS, Department of Skills Development, MoHR

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– Mekanisme Pembangunan Standard 1
– Mekanisme Pembangunan Standard 2

As Director of the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) section, Department of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resources, Mohd Yazid oversees the development of NOSS as a reference for Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) in Malaysia. He is a Vocational Training Officer who had served as a Tool & Die Making Trainer in the Manpower Department. He has served regionally on the Steering Committee of ASEAN Standard for In-Company Trainer. He was Head of Training Content Development for Coach Training, National Dual Training System (NDTS) in 2005, NOSS development panel member for Train-The-Trainer in 2017, and lead an inter-ministerial Development Committee for TVET Collaborative Framework on IR4.0 for Standard and Curriculum in 2018.


Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) merupakan agensi yang boleh mengiktiraf dan mempersijilkan individu dengan Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia mengikut kompetensi keperluan bidang pekerjaan melalui Sistem Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia. Dokumen National Occupational Skill Standard(NOSS) atau National Competency Standard(NCS) merupakan standard pekerjaan yang digunakan sebagai rujukan bagi mengiktiraf tahap kompetensi individu tersebut. Dalam proses pembangunan dokumen NOSS/NCS, antara teknik fasilitasi digunapakai untuk membentuk kompetensi yang diperlukan dalam sesuatu bidang pekerjaan di Malaysia adalah teknik “Design a Standard & Curriculum (DESCUM)”.

Johnny Gillett KL Shakespeare Players

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– Johnny Story Forum “Introduction”

Johnny Story Forum – Introduction

Johnny Gillett trained at New Era Academy of Drama and Music (London) and went on to study youth and community work at Chester University. He has worked in almost 40 different nations over his 30-year career. Throughout this time, he applied his training to many different contexts and developed the methodology known as Story Practice – the use of stories and drama workshop techniques to facilitate discussion and change. His work has been with managers, team leaders, government officials, teachers and presenters.


Story Forum is a major expression of Story Practice, a methodology that places stories at the centre of a group discussion or workshops, using metaphors to face uncomfortable issues and narratives to make new plans. This session will be a practical introduction to Story Forum in which Johnny Gillett will demonstrate various aspects of the form. Participants will take part in the specific drama exercises and will be given guidance on what is happening with each step, as well as advice on how to lead such activities. Story Forum provides a fun, light-hearted, fully interactive and supportive space in which to discuss important topics and discover new perspectives.

Sunil Verma, ComeToBeCoaching.Com

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–  Change Facilitators’ Self Evalauation
–  Dance of Change
–  Video: 9 Success Factors for Change Facilitators

Sunil Verma is a certified facilitator and executive coach with expertise in the areas of facilitating individual and organisational change through his own company, ComeToBe Coaching since 2016. He has had 22 years of corporate experience with Lehman Brothers, Convergys Corporation and was based in London as Head of Learning & Talent (Europe) for Standard Chartered Bank governing the Facilitation and Coaching Standards for all SCB Academies globally.  He is an alumnus of IMD Business School, Lausanne, ICF Professional Certified Facilitator (PCC), Hogan Certified Assessor, IAF Certified Professional Facilitator since 2011 and Certified Facilitator for Lewis Model for cross cultural competence.


Change facilitators help teams reflect upon and change their mental models and core values. The additional challenge of generating deep- level personal and organisational learning requires more than basic facilitation skills. This session is designed to help facilitators assess their current Change Facilitation Skills and identify 3 actions to accelerate their change facilitation capability.

Nor Azam Yaacob, UNIRAZAK

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–  BLOKUS The How-To-Play
–  Gamification

Nor Azam is a fully qualified member with CPA (Australia). He teaches at the Universiti Tun Abdul Razak and has taught in both local and private colleges in the area of fraud and money laundering. His is an active trainer and consultant for private companies and GLC on business turn around and forensic accounting. He was involved in the implementation of an automated money laundering detection system in a local bank. He had served as a business analyst with Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), an auditor in one of the Big 4 as well as managing financial statements for various Petronas subsidiaries.


Gamification, the use of game mechanics to influence performance and create accountability, isn’t play or a game, but uses game techniques to influence to influence behaviour. These game mechanics satisfy human psychological needs: a sense of competence, autonomy and relatedness. Gamification can drive transformational journeys for the workforce or a re-alignment of processes and habits, or for the on-the-job learning, due to sandbox effect of the environment.

Francis Fernandez, Plumbline Coaching & Consulting Pte Ltd.

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– Plumbline Slides for 18th
– Session 8: Pre-work – Plumbline


An accomplished Organisational Effectiveness (OE) Consultant with 35 years experience, Francis Fernandez has led numerous strategic change efforts across Asia Pacific (developing and implementing change management strategies)as Consultant OD & Change Asia of Shell since2007. He led the design and implementation of major global or cross business interventions drawing on a breadth of OE speciality skillswork that has resultedin significant performance improvement for organizations across a variety of industries. As of June 2015, he is Principal Consultant of Plumbline Coaching & Consulting Pte Ltd engaged by Shell India for an Organisation Transformation Project and an Organisation Design Project.


Change facilitators help in identifying and navigating the power equation and dimension in teams and groups. They need to help power get distributed through the group and team to fulfill the agreed common goal or outcome. There are special skills in facilitation required for identifying the Power positions and Dynamics, Without offending or naming it, diffuse or re-distribute power across the team and help generate an environment for Co-creation and Co-Ownership. This session is designed to help facilitators understand Power Dynamics, know about the required Facilitation Skills to navigate through power minefield and identify practice areas of application of those skills.

Capt (R) Shan Moorthi & Rosihan Juara Baharuddin, MAFa

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Capt (R) Shan Moorthi is the Founding President of MAFa in 2009. Presently, through Teamcoach International he conducts training on leadership and certification programmes such as the Certified Professional Coach and Coaching Masteries® with the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and Certified Facilitators in collaboration with Grape People and recognized by the Finnish Education Evaluation Center.

As the current President of MAFa, Juara’s passion has always been in the area of personal growth. He is a trainer, a coach and an entrepreneur and to date has trained more than 4,000 trainers and facilitators on how to achieve great performance. He also brought in certification programmes from the US and UK to Malaysia through NeOOne.


Facilitated conversation to harvest self-determining topics in group setting.